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        Liyang Yuanfeng Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd.
        Liyang Yuanfeng Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd. specializes in processing and marketing activated carbons, and it is situated in Zhuze Town, Liyang city, in the scenic Yangtze River Delta. Abuts from Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Ninghang Expressway, Huning Expressway, 104 State Road, it is easy of access. At present, Yuanfeng is one of the largest manufacturer of activated carbon in China.
        The company covers 25,000 sq. m. with the building area of 9,600 sq. m., it owns 100 employees, 16 of which are professional technicians, the company also has more than 10 equipment..
        Coal-based activated carbon Water purification activated carbon Shell activated carbon Electroplating activated carbon
        Coconut shell activated carbon Coal-based activated carbon Coconut shell activated carbon Coal-based activated carbon
        Activated carbon for chemical ...
        Activated carbon for medicine ...
        Activated carbon for food indu...
        Activated carbon for chemical ...
        Add: Zhuze Town, Liyang City, Jiangsu
        P. C.: 213351
        Contact: Xu Chuanjun; +86-13906144369
        Tel: +86-519-87709456; 87700016
        Fax: +86-519-87700016
        E-mail: xcj@lyyfhxt.com
        URL: http://www.0aj4.com
        New website, welcome new and old customers to visit! 2014-07-23
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        Copyright(C)2014, Liyang Yuanfeng Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice 
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